Dingmans Falls and Silver Thread Falls in Pennsylvania

After hiking around Bushkill Falls I decided to head up to Dingmans Falls and Silver Thread Falls a little further north. The falls are located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area near Dingmans Ferry, PA about 1.5 miles west of route 209. Dingmans Falls has a vertical drop of about 130 feet and the Silver Thread Falls are about 80 feet tall.

Dingmans Falls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

When I got to the turn off for the visitors center I noticed the road was closed. After walking up the road about fifty yards I noticed a sign , “The Dingmans Falls Trail is open; however, the road to the trailhead is closed….Visitors may walk the road to the trail…”. The road, still damaged from Hurricane Irene last summer, is scheduled to open in the fall of 2012. Until then, if you want to see the falls, you’ll have to walk the 1.5 miles back the road to the visitors center and trail. The road back to the visitors center is a flat easy walk, much of it along a stream.

picture of the road leading back to the Dingmans Falls Visitors Center

Road to the visitors center at Dingmans Falls

The visitors center is closed, but there is a map, pit toilets, and a water fountain accessible.

photo of the Dingmans Falls Visitors Center, closed and overgrown

Dingmans Falls Visitors Center

The entire trail to both falls is along a mostly flat boardwalk with railings and benches.

Boardwalk trail leading through the woods to Dingmans Falls

Boardwalk leading to Dingmans Falls

The first falls you come to, after only about a hundred yards or so, are the Silver Thread Falls.

Silver Thread Falls near Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

Silver Thread Falls in PA

About a half mile further down the trail are the Dingmans Falls. A sign at the trailhead says there is a steep set of 240 steps here to the top of the falls, but I didn’t see them. They were either damaged by Hurricane Irene or I’m very unobservant.

Dingmans Falls in Pennsylvania

Dingmans Falls

More information about the falls and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area can be found at the National Park Service Website.

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