Chickies Rock Park in Lancaster County, PA

Chickies Rock County Park is located along the Susquehanna River between Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania. The park’s most popular areas are its two overlooks perched high above the river. The park’s namesake, Chickies Rock, is a 150′ tall quartzite tower. It attracts climbers from all over and day hikers wanting to take in the sweeping views from the top. The other vista is from the Breezyview Overlook where visitors can take in the scenery from a gazebo and benches in a well kept grassy area.

View of the Susquehanna River and Route Thirty Bridge from Chickies Rock

The Chickies Rock Overlook can be reached via a trailhead along Rt. 441, just 1 mile north of U.S. Rt. 30. The hike to the overlook is on a short, half mile long trail through woods. The path is mostly wide and flat. Shortly after starting the hike, the trail splits. Stay to the left for the shortest, easiest route. The trail to the right goes up a hill, onto a plateau, and then comes back down to join the main trail. The path ends on top of Chickies Rock and offers great views of the Susquehanna River and the hills beyond. To the southwest, the Rt. 30 bridge and Mt. Pisgah are visible. Looking towards the north, one can see the steam rising above the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant in the distance.

View of the Susquehanna River from Chickies Rock Overlook

Looking south from the Chickies Rock Overlook along the Susquehanna River

View from Chickies Rock Overlook facing west. Susquehanna River and hills beyond.

View from Chickies Rock Overlook

The Breezyview Overlook has benches and a gazebo where people can relax and take in the view. The overlook is located directly beside the parking lot, so it’s easily accessible. To reach the Breezyview area, go .3 miles north of Rt. 30 on Rt. 441 and turn left at the park sign.

Gazebo and river from the Breezyview Overlook

Gazebo at the Breezyview Overlook at Chickies Rock County Park

Sunset over the Susquehanna River, seen from the gazebo at Breezyview

Sunset from the gazebo at Chickies Rock County Park

A sign near the gazebo tells the history of the area that became the Chickies Rock County Park and its involvement in the Civil War. A major industrial complex and railroad facility, it was once targeted for destruction by the Confederate Army, but they were unsuccessful at crossing the river.

   A 1.5 mile section of the Susquehanna Heritage Trail starts at the north side of the Breezyview Overlook Area. The trail goes to the bottom of the hill, (turn right) along the Susquehanna River, past the base of Chickies Rock, and ends at the Donegal Creek.

There is also a day use area with a playground, a place for fishing, and a boat launch north of Chickies Rock Overlook.

Deer near the Breezyview Overlook near Columbia, PA

Deer at the Breezyview Overlook

Official Chickies Rock County Park Site with info and a trail map link.

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    1. Hi Linette. This is the phone number for information about the Breezyview Gazebo at Chickies Rock : Park and Recreation Office – 717-299-8215. Hope this helps.

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