Native American Art at Buffalo Thunder Casino

Painting at the high roller table, part of the Native American Art Collection at Buffalo Thunder Casino

Native American art the Buffalo Thunder Casino in New Mexico

While on a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico, last week with my brother, we made the short fifteen minute trip north to the Buffalo Thunder Casino. Although the casino has 1,200 slot machines, 18 gaming tables, a poker room, and race book, I didn’t gamble. I’ve realized, after many years of losing, that gambling is pretty much like setting cash on fire for me. Instead, I decided to spend my money on something worth while and responsible, alcohol.

After finding my way to one of the bars, I grabbed a beverage then set off to explore the resort. I was surprised to find that the casino is also a Native American art gallery. The resort houses over 300 unique pieces of Native American art by nearly a hundred different artists. Many of the paintings, sculptures, weavings, and pottery are located on the second floor of the casino, but works of the art collection can be found throughout the casino grounds.

Native American sculpture at the Buffalo Thunder Casino

”Vessel” sculpture at the Buffalo Thunder Casino

After wondering around sipping my beer and taking in the interesting artwork, I left the Buffalo Thunder Resort with a positive feeling that I rarely leave a casino with. I had only spent about ten bucks on beer, got to see some cool Native American art, and hadn’t watched my money disappear trying to guess if a ball would land on the red or black part of a spinning wheel.

The ten foot tall "Deer Dancer" statue at the Buffalo Thunder Resort

“Deer Dancer” sculpture by George Rivera of the Pojoaque Pueblo

Butterfly Dancer sculpture at the Mica restaurant in New Mexico

“Butterfly Dancer” sculpture in front of the Mica restaurant near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Native American art on the second floor of the Buffalo Thunder Casino

Native American art displayed on the second floor of the Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort in New Mexico

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