The Santa Fe Farmers Market in New Mexico

Vendors sell their local produce, breads, meats, herbs, and body care products every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm, year-round, at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. Local honey, herbal tinctures, organic soap, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods are among the products for sale. Towards the back of the market building are a few permanent stores including a chocolate shop, a store dealing exclusively in teas, a gift shop, and a winery store.

inside the Santa Fe Farmers Market

The Santa Fe Farmers Market was a nice spot to take a stroll and check out some local products. It also provided a welcome respite on a cold and windy February morning. Although the market had a variety of goods, a quick chat with a local or a peak at the photos on the Santa Fe Farmers Market website will tell you that summer is a much better time to visit (unless you really hate crowds). Yesterday the streets outside the market were bare and very few people were around. In summer, crowds browse vendor tents lining the sidewalk.

Red Chile Peppers outside the door to the Santa Fe Farmers Market

Dried Chile Peppers and the main entrance of the Farmers Market

¬†¬† The farmers market is located in an area of Santa Fe known as The Railyard.¬†Besides being the starting point of the RailRunner train, to Abuquerque and Belen, New Mexico, the Railyard isn’t just a rail yard. It encompasses the Santa Fe Farmers Market, a flea market, lots of retail stores, ten art galleries, a brewery, and several other eateries. A visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Railyard.

Vendor tables inside the Santa Fe, New Mexico, Farmers Market

Vendors in the Santa Fe Farmers Market

Vivac Winery store in Santa Fe

Winery store in the Santa Fe Farmers Market

Opening the flea market in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The flea market entrance next to the farmers market in Santa Fe

the RailRunner train and snow covered mountains in Santa Fe

The RailRunner train at the Railyard in New Mexico

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