Memorial Day weekend, in many places, means the opening of pools and water parks. In Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, it marks the opening of the Trail Ridge Road. The road connects the east and west side of the park, but a long section (about forty miles) of it is closed due to deep snow much of the year. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuously paved highway in the country. Eleven miles of it are above the treeline (over 11,000 ft.) with its highest point reaching 12,183 feet above sea level. The lack of trees allows for sweeping views of mountain peaks and forests below as the Trail Ridge Road winds through alpine tundra and over the Continental Divide.

Deep snow along the Trail Ridge Road

Snow on opening day of the Trail Ridge Road in Colorado

View from the Trail Ridge Road in Colorado

View from the TRR in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Snow removal equipment in Rocky Mt. Natl. Park

Equipment used to clear snow along the Trail Ridge Road

Dangerous snowfield sign in Rocky Mountain NP

sign along Route 34, Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road through the alpine tundra in RMNP

Route 34 through the alpine tundra in Colorado

Clearing snow away from the Alpine Visitors Center in Rocky Mountain NP

Getting ready to open the Alpine Visitors Center for the 2013 season

Alpine Visitors Center sign

Alpine Visitors Center sign

Walls of snow along Trail Ridge Road

Walls of snow on both sides of the Trail Ridge Road

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